It is achieved by a sale of deed, while an agreement to the sale means a future transfer. Risks are transferred immediately into the sale, while they remain with the seller in the event of an agreement with Sell. A sale is a contract executed, while a contract for sale is a contract of execution. A sales contract must provide in the official registers of the civil registry office the complete information provided by the seller (s) (s) (s) with proof of address, photographic identity and reference to the description of the property`s property. The agreement should include a description of the property with a certified urban planning plan and urban plan. In the event of a purchase of a property, the contract must verify whether the property is retained and whether other relevant documents and documents are recorded in the minutes. The legal aspect of the property can be verified by appointing a lawyer to verify the document of accessible government records for a small fee by appointing a lawyer. The clauses of a sales contract are important because they will deduct anything that leads to a successful transaction, which is quite right. Beware of fees: you may be a seller (Assigner), but you are a buyer in the first place. Make sure that the agent you sell your new unit to is able to pay you. If he just gave you some money and it took you too long to pay the rest of the money, you could get into trouble later, especially if he terminates the agreement with you. In most cases, the owner would have built all the panels (or will finish all the plates within 2-3 months) and will increase the demand for 70% of the cost of the apartment.

That is, at that time, you would have paid 90% of the cost of the apartment. Builder will use all of its tactics/force/force, etc. to build the 70% payment according to the agreement. The owner will also pressure the bank to release the payment in accordance with the agreement. Finally, the owner receives 90% of the flat-rate costs within three months of the sales contract in his kitty. Until the REAL ESTATE BILL is passed by Parliament and implemented across the country, we all have to face the same problems. Only this bill could guarantee the legitimate rights of BUYERS, in accordance with the Constitution. Until then, we must live with existing laws and options available to buyers, including social media.

1. The seller finds a new buyer for real estate. Other areas are to learn from UC. Why should you see your resources on a product you might not sell or even have finished. Let the consumer „invest,“ after all, the consumer is king – take money from the public treasury! You must register this agreement to sell with the sub-registrar, as it is mandatory. Yes, the transaction is correct, but it only applies after registration Generally, in the case of sale of dwellings under construction, a tripartite agreement is reached between the seller (who had originally reserved the apartment), the buyer and the owner. As part of this agreement, the seller cedes to the buyer his rights to the sub-housing with the agreement of the owner, the buyer agrees to pay the balance of the initial purchase price to be paid to the owner and the owner agrees to hand over the finished dwelling directly to the buyer. The agreement rejects the right to acquire private housing. To know the date of acquisition of such a right, it is necessary to determine the exact date of the acquisition of this right. It is a normal process, not according to the law, but as usual.

Make sure there are two witnesses. There are two options of the notary either with the unstamped registration and sign and others is the inscription in the notray registration, which carries standard notary. there is no concern, other than the properly executed agreement. (a) danger; that the owner violates the bye-Lawsb building) owner could build illegal floors (penthouses, etc.), under which BBMP OCc will not give) BBMP has the power to sanction infringements up to only 5%, that even some restrictionsIn addition, you only have to build on Akrama – Sakrama.d) 90% of the payment is collected just before registration Sale Deed, and other conditions such as