A construction contract guarantees the authorization of the competent water company for construction work carried out above or near an existing public sewer. The agreement confirms that the maintenance and repair of the sewers has made it possible to free and access sufficiently, which allows all future owners of the property to guarantee it. If you are applying under Section 104, you must provide detailed information on the design and construction of the new sewage drainage channel and its link to public sewers. The sanitation organization will need it to verify that the work is being done in accordance with the Sewer Sector Guidelines (SSG) that replaced the sewers for adoption in April 2020. Before the start of the construction of the sewers, an acceptance agreement must be concluded in accordance with Article 104. A loan is also required, which represents 10% of the estimated construction costs. Any Section 104 agreement takes a few years to reach. However, in recent years, there has been a situation in which rotten sewers have been taken care of, but surface water has not. This is because, for some developments, the rotten assets were transferred to the public as part of the canal transfer in 2011, but the related surface water facilities remained under an S104 agreement. This is usually the case when surface water is discharged into a watercourse and not into the public network, which means that it is not eligible for automatic transfer in 2011. Read more „The surface water channel that serves my land has been subject to an S104 sanitation agreement for several years. Can you explain this delay? Sewers and sewers are an important part of every new subdivision and developers need to make decisions at an early stage about their design and construction, writes Andy Cullum This ability to manufacture prefabricated items to meet the needs of the site is a great advantage in the maximum use of available space.

The tubes thus manufactured can be executed in a series of profiles and rigidities; This is an important consideration if systems are to be installed under roads and fortified structures, in accordance with section 38 of the Highways Act (1980). Residents` associations have administrative functions, but are not landowners. You must be a party to the agreement with the landowner. Due to their nature, these products can be easily designed in different configurations in order to meet the needs of the location. Plastic is manufactured under quality-controlled factory conditions and can be used for the manufacture of modular prefabricated drainage systems and chambers. Section 102 of the Water Industry Act (1991) allows a developer or individual to file an application with a water company asking them to take over an already installed private operating channel. In the event of new development, the S102 process is usually applied when the new sewers are installed and commissioned before the signing of the S104 agreement and the S104 process is no longer applicable. The newly elected Conservative government has pledged to create 275,000 affordable housing units by 2020. In this context, the volume of requests for section 104 agreements is expected to increase exponentially.

To avoid delays and additional costs for their projects, developers should consider drainage design and make important decisions, including the choice of materials, as early as possible. Home / Features / Getting to Grips With. Agreements under Section 104 The Green Border must go around the entire development site, as the Green Border must show all the houses to be served by sewers. When designing, commissioning and servicsing piping systems for acquisition in section 104 agreements, developers and their selected designers have opened up a multitude of product and material options and must take into account a number of considerations….