Backbone or internet-backsale is a computer network that is the center of a high-speed network. This is the part of telecommunications networks that supports the largest traffic. It is not uncommon for these Internet service providers to voluntarily offer their respective SSAs in order to demonstrate to companies the quality of the services offered[5]. However, the US Telecommunications Act of 1996 does not explicitly contain a precise, but more abstract, model that provides food for thought for the definition of agreements or contracts within companies within the company. For example, sections 251 and 252 stipulate that the obligation to negotiate in good faith matters such as resale or partial or full access is mandatory for these companies. The Service Level Agreement (SSA) is a document defining the quality of service required between a service provider and a customer. In other words, these are contractual clauses that define the precise expected objectives and the level of services that a customer wishes to obtain from the provider and define the responsibilities. MTTR (mean time to recover): This is the time it takes to restore the service level after an outage. FCR (first-call resolution): This is the percentage of incoming calls that can be called back to the helpdesk without calling back or without calling to finalize the resolution of the case. . Cancel failed means abandonment rate: This is the percentage of calls that have been suspended while waiting for uptime, which means the duration of network availability, power supply.

as provided for by mutual agreement. This indicator is often used for data services such as shared hosting, virtual private servers, and dedicated servers. TAT (turnaround time): This is the time needed to accomplish a particular task. Common short expressions: 1-400, 401-800, 801-1200, Plus TSF (Time Service factor): this is the percentage of calls received during a given period. The SSA aims to ensure that the expectations and needs of the customer and the supplier are clearly defined. The objective is to provide evaluation criteria and means of measurement. It allows each party to verify each other`s compliance with its obligations. In the long term, and provided that it is respected, a relationship of trust and/or partnership between the customer and the provider contributes as SSL.

The WSLA or „Web Service Level Deal“ is a standard for monitoring the compliance of Web services. It allows WSLA authors to indicate, based on numerous criteria, the performance of a web service application, the performance objectives to be achieved, and the measures to be put into practice if the desired performance is not achieved. In the 1980s, the service agreement was used to manage the quality of services in the telecommunications sector. .