The preferred practice is to deposit serious funds for a real estate purchase and sale contract with a neutral third party, usually to the title company, which also provides fiduciary services. Some real estate companies and contracts still allow the buyer`s or seller`s real estate agent to keep serious funds before the trust agreement is entered into. Even though the legal requirements applicable to how a real estate agent scares away serious money are relatively precise, the release signed by both parties generally facilitates the termination of the contract without litigation when a neutral third party holds the funds. Good luck with your purchase. Welcome to Washington! Washington State also applies property tax to sales of „majority interests“ in business units holding real estate in the state. For a corporation, a „controlling interest“ means 50% or more of the total voting shares, or 50% or more of the principal, profits or economic interest in the voting shares. For business units other than enterprises, a „majority stake“ is 50% or more of the capital, profits or economic participation in the company. While Washington courts may consider evidence outside the treaty to determine the meaning of the language of the treaty, they will not use external evidence to derive a meaning independent of the language of the contract. You must therefore ensure that the language of the contract accurately reflects your understanding of the company. You do not want to have to explain in court what you think a treaty provision means „really.“ Disclosure of Lead-Based Paints (42 United States) Code 4852d) – It is mandatory that the agreement contains a language that expresses the possibility of exposure of lead-based paint to buildings constructed before 1979. The tongue should relate to the potential for exposure to the colour and the dangerous effects it can cause. Septic. If your package requires on-site septic wastewater treatment, you may need percolation testing.

If there are significant rock spurs or other obstacles to the implementation of an underground purification system, especially for drainage fields (primary and backup), but also for pipes, significant additional costs can be decisive for your purchase decision. It can be helpful to ask your potential neighbors about their experience with their country. .