At Hybrid Legal, we are committed to ensuring that all our clients receive high-quality analysis of contracts, agreements and similar legal documents. If you think your model contract or commercial contract and its defined terms need to be reviewed, please contact us! Our contact details can be found under the Contact tab. What I think should be confidential won`t be exactly the same as what you think is confidential. Let`s say you promised me not to reveal my confidential information to anyone. What would you like to tell others about me? The difficulty for you is that whenever you want to appease someone else about me, you have to guess if that information is confidential under our agreement. Over time, we probably won`t agree on whether something you disclosed was actually confidential. Q. One legal issue on which I would like to see more comments is the dreaded indemnification clause. I hate signing contracts with contracts of this scope.

When I ask or protest, I hear so often, „No one has EVER complained about it.“ and many people don`t seem to understand what they mean. As a sole proprietor, I really worry (meaning my personal assets are at risk) about signing a promise to compensate a large company in the event of a claim against them for any reason related to the work I do for them. This applies in particular if the customer provides a photo reference to be used for the creation of an illustration and does not have the rights to use the photo. Words in capital letters by convention usually mean defined terms. For example, „XYZ Corporation (`Client`) promises.. allows the rest of the contract to use „client“ instead of the full name.